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Ryan Mills

Ryan is a Director of Novo Executive Search and Selection, with extensive experience recruiting senior management and board level professionals across a multitude of sectors. His client base ranges from start-ups through to large corporates and PLC’s.

Ryan Mills

About Ryan Mills

Ryan is an established Director of Novo Executive Search. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a proven track record of success, he is a seasoned professional in the realm of talent acquisition and development. Ryan combines profound industry knowledge with a keen understanding of the UK and international job markets. Leveraging his extensive experience and insights, he spearheads the identification, recruitment, and placement of top-tier executives and skilled professionals for key positions across multiple industries including construction and property, engineering, manufacturing, energy, aviation, aerospace, defence, automotive, IT and new technologies.


Ryan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Campbell University in North Carolina. Ryan enjoyed successful careers in entertainment management and professional sports before entering the executive search sector in 2012. Ryan has been a Director of Novo Executive Search since 2017.

Ryan is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for his clients and he excels in developing bespoke solutions to meet the unique requirements of each organisation he works with, ensuring that their talent needs align seamlessly with their organisational objectives. Recognising that successful placements are not just about matching skills on paper, but also about cultural fit and long-term synergy, Ryan is adept at finding candidates who thrive in their roles and contribute significantly to their employers’ success. Whether it’s assisting multinational corporations in their global expansion plans or supporting ambitious startups in building their core teams, Ryan and his team are the go-to partners for clients seeking to secure top-tier talent.


Ryan is known for his ability to cultivate strong and lasting business relationships. His approachable demeanour, unmatched professionalism and collaborative approach enables him to connect authentically with clients, candidates, and industry leaders alike. Ryan believes in fostering trust and open communication, making him a trusted advisor and confidant to those he works with.

To remain at the forefront of the dynamic world of talent acquisition, Ryan and his team are continuously refining strategies, adapting to market changes, and embracing emerging technologies, to guarantee that his clients receive the most effective and innovative solutions available. If you are seeking a strategic partner in talent acquisition who can elevate your business to new heights, Ryan and his team are the ones to trust. Get in touch today to explore how he can help you identify, attract, and retain exceptional talent that drives success in the competitive global market.


Bachelors Degree (BS) International Business, Campbell University North Carolina