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Diversity and Inclusivity is at Our Core

Novo is helping to change the face of leadership by working with organisations to think differently about talent in the UK’s top boardrooms. We champion diversity and inclusion.

Novo is an industry leader in building diverse, senior leadership teams and more equitable workplace cultures, we map the diversity composition of leadership in our markets and proactively seek out relationships with leadership talent we know others could overlook.

Our professional staff reflect and incorporate the talent of diverse communities, making Novo a highly sustainable, well-networked and a more adaptable organisation. This comes from our passion and commitment to understanding the power of collective difference to influence communities.

The Diversity Difference

We are an advocate of the power of diversity as a source for competitive advantage. We believe that diverse, complementary teams deliver the strongest results for organisations. Diversity is integral to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.

The UK’s productivity gap can be reduced through the inclusion and engagement of all employees. Our diversity proposition helps build and acquire talent in ways that drive increased inclusion, engagement and productivity.
Our diversity proposition transforms cultures, values and teams to make our clients relevant to wider groups and improve their overall competitiveness.

Diverse Executive Search

On a vacancy-specific level we will regularly reach out to our contacts and referrals to think of individuals from under-represented minority groups as part of our search strategy. We have found even this simple step helps boost the diverse response for a search.

More fundamentally, we also look at under-represented communities at a macro, national level to determine which senior individuals would be appropriate for future assignments. We maintain a carefully sourced active database of senior executives and non-executives from different under-presented groups. Included in this list are substantial numbers of people from a female, disabled or BME background already operating at senior management level.

Advertisements are carefully worded to ensure that no inference may be drawn of an intention to advantage or disadvantage a certain individual or group in respect of the published opportunity in a manner that would be contrary to this policy statement.

Recruitment procedures are designed to reach eligible applicants from all sections of the community, encourage applications from suitable individuals, and ensure that the selection process is based on the skills, ability and experience of the applicant to perform the job advertised. This is measured against pre-determined objective criteria and competencies that are made available to all applicants.

Advocating For Diverse Talent

The influence and power of diverse & inclusive leaders is more critical now than ever to show the power of difference and value of change. We believe talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. It is our duty to widen the gap without lowering the bar.

Novo has been responsible for advocating and championing the acceleration of high-calibre diverse leaders into some of the most senior executive and board positions. We provide clients with a broader choice of candidates and support greater and more inclusive leadership that reflects the vibrant and multi-cultural society we live in.

Engineering the future today, our aim is to build and cultivate a strong pipeline of future leaders with the diversity of thought to harness the power of collective difference and build a sustainable, for tomorrow. We are determined to highlight the contribution diverse leadership brings to any organisation through unique though leadership approaches. We seek to showcase board-ready ethnic minority leadership talent and dispel the myth that qualified diverse talent does not exist.