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Psychometric Profiling

We provide a full range of executive-level profile assessment

TI* Personality Profile Assessment (PPA test) is a popular personality test which employers/recruiters administer to evaluate candidates’ character traits. This psychometric profiling provides a more thorough way to determine whether candidates will be a proper fit for the role.

The PPA test assesses one’s choice of adjectives, each of which reflects their behavioural tendencies and personality in a workplace setting that wouldn’t necessarily be shown during a job interview.

The TI Profile Assessment (PPA test) takes up to fifteen minutes to complete. The PPA test will build a personal profile to portray how four traits, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance rank within the personality to form a person’s unique character.

Key * TI is Thomas International

PPA Profiling Reports

PPA Profile A comprehensive report on an individual’s working strengths, fears, motivators and value to the organisation. Indicates behaviour under pressure, behavioural modifications and frustrations.

Interviewer’s Guide A series of general interview questions tailored to the candidate’s profile, suitable for both recruitment and development.

Management Strengths This report reflects these two integral parts to managing effectively – exploring the individuals’ approach to both task and people management.

Onboarding This report assists in the Onboarding process by providing information on how to maximise the potential of the individual. By focussing on areas of strength and providing support in possible development areas.

Leadership Skills Identifies the candidate’s leadership style, gives insight into strengths and limitations and highlights areas for development.

Strengths and Limitations Gives a fast, effective overview of the behavioural strengths and limitations of the individual.

How to Manage Tells you how to manage and motivate the individual.

Training Needs Identifies weaknesses and training needs.

  • Client Testimonials

    “Thank you very much for your involvement in identifying our new Product Development Director and managing a very smooth process. This was a significant recruitment process for our business and I am very pleased with how it has gone from start to finish.”

    CEO, Animalcare
  • Client Testimonial

    “During the first half of 2021 Novo worked with the Central Bedfordshire Council on 3 retained search assignments; the recruitment of a Non-Executive Chair to oversee the Board of a start-up housing development company, and a start up care homes and services business, as well as suitably experienced Executive Directors for both of these new organisations. All 3 roles were filled.’

    Central Bedfordshire Council
  • Client Testimonials

    “We have worked with Novo Executive Search before on a couple of challenging pieces of recruitment. Novo has provided an excellent quality of service which has led to a successful appointment on both occasions. We would be happy to recommend Novo to other companies wishing to secure the services of a specialist executive search business.”

    Operations Director, Glide Pharma


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