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Sales Director Executive Search & Headhunting Specialists

Let our team search, identify, and recruit top Sales Director talent for your organisation.

Importance of The Sales Director Role

Globalisation, shifting customer needs, and advancements in technology have led to a rapidly changing marketplace and the success of an organisation is heavily dependent on the leadership, strategic planning, market analysis, and business development expertise that the Sales Director brings to the table.

To meet the unique challenges presented today, the Sales Director must possess a range of skills and tactical expertise to drive value from new and existing customers and marketplaces. A natural leader with the ability to inspire and motivate teams to drive results, the Sales Director’s customer-centric approach is essential for the development of a strong sales culture in order to maximise revenue within the organisation.

At Novo, we recognise the importance of appointing a Sales Director that aligns with your company culture but also serves as a senior representative of your organisation. Our innovative executive search and selection methodologies can assist you in finding exceptional talent to lead the strategic development of your business while delivering ambitious but achievable sales targets.

Sales Director Skills Needed Include:

  • Leadership: The ability to lead, manage, and motivate sales teams to meet targets and drive revenue growth.
  • Strategic thinking: The ability to develop and implement effective sales strategies.
  • Business acumen: A deep understanding of the company’s products, services, and industry, in order to identify and capitalise on new business opportunities.
  • Exceptional communication skills: The ability to effectively communicate and negotiate with customers, stakeholders, and team members.
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changes in the market and to new technologies.

With a truly global reach and extensive network across a wide range of industry sectors, our executive recruitment consultants are uniquely placed to identify and hire the highest calibre sales leaders who can make an immediate and measurable impact on your company’s success.

Novo’s Sales Director Recruitment sector experts can help you identify & attract your next exceptional executive.

Our Sales Director Executive Search Services

As one of the leading Executive Search firms in the UK, Novo is well placed to find your next Sales Director.

Our team of highly experienced consultants work across a broad range of sectors and are specialists at recruiting top notch C-Suite talent.

Able to work in strict confidence, our team will search, identify, and recruit your ideal Sales Director.

Through our years of experience, our team can handle the entire process from start to finish, working to rigorous standards and with a highly systemised approach.

Contact Novo for a confidential discussion about your Sales Director recruitment needs.

  • Dale Perrett
    Sales Director Specialist
    Dale Perrett Founding Director

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Our Sales Director Executive Search Specialists

Dale Perrett
Founding Director

Dale is one of the Founding Directors of Novo Executive Search and Selection. He is part of the Novo leadership team that drives the business. He remains passionate about working with clients on a daily basis delivering executive search assignments. Dale has a breadth of experience successfully working across many sectors.

George Woodward

George is an experienced director and key member of Novo Executive Search’s leadership team and is integral in driving forward its growth into the future. With a breadth of UK and global executive search experience spanning over 15 years, George has an outstanding track record in assisting numerous businesses, ranging from owner-managed SMEs and mid-size companies to FTSE clients, helping them source exceptional talent to fill executive positions within their organisations. George works closely with his clients to identify and recruit high calibre professionals for board and senior management roles. His executive recruitment skills, insightful decision-making, and ambition for his clients’ success are second to none.

Jon Hollier
Founding Director

Jon is a Founding Director of Novo Executive Search & Selection. Beyond establishing and developing Novo, his extensive experience covers a wide range of disciplines across commercial and the third sectors. Jon has delivered a significant number of executive search assignments across the UK and internationally throughout his 20 year career.

Peter Tucker
Founding Director

Peter was part of the team that set up Novo in 2003 and has now been running research based assignments for over 20 years. This experience covers a wide range of sectors and companies but would class the following as particular specialities: sales and marketing, sport and manufacturing.

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