Get your outplacement strategy right. Protect your people and your brand.

Outplacement is the support service provided by responsible organizations, keen to support individuals who are exiting the business (voluntarily or involuntarily) – to help former employees transition to new jobs and help them re-orient themselves in the job market.

Here at Novo we work with clients to meet a wide range of demands within the workplace.  In challenging times clients may require professional outplacement services to support employees whilst navigating a difficult environment.  City CV is our partner for outplacement services for clients who require an end-to-end solution tailored to assist staff through career transition at every level.

Business leaders are increasingly facing the financially and emotionally draining task of making valued employees redundant. The challenge for them is three-pronged.  How do you do this in a way that helps the individual, protects your employer brand and lives up to your corporate social responsibility?

An ineptly handled redundancy process creates an enormous amount of ill-will. It leaves your former and current employees feeling confused, hurt, fearful and angry.  Those you lose will go out into the business world where they may speak negatively about your brand.

Novo and City CV have a different perspective to redundancy. We think it is an opportunity to help employees make a fresh start and strengthen your business. If you get it right, you can reduce the stress around redundancy for both those losing their jobs and those you retain.

There are three main benefits to having a supportive outplacement programme in place.  

  1. You retain the goodwill of your former employees
  2. You maintain team morale
  3. You protect your corporate reputation

A strong outplacement programme should blend the skills of HR professionals, interview and career coaches, experienced recruiters and CV writers. Some companies simply use outplacement services when they need to re-structure and make redundancies. However, we are seeing an increasing number of visionary business leaders making these services an integral part of their employee development programme.

This strategy builds flexibility and resilience into your team before the pressure of restructuring and redundancy strikes. Promoting these career-enhancing services gives employees a clear signal that they are valued and you’re looking out for them. That’s a strong, positive message to be sending to all your stakeholders.

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