Novo Executive Search
& Selection Services

Our executive recruitment and executive search consultants operate with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and ethics. We strive to always exceed our clients’ expectations by adding real value to their business. Our ambition for our clients’ success means we are always proactive and creative in identifying new services and markets. We invest heavily in training and development ensuring that all of our executive recruitment consultants apply the most reliable and effective tools and techniques for solving clients’ challenges in a consistent manner. We work closely with our clients and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our executive recruitment skills are second to none.

Executive search is a “no compromise approach” and is about gaining access to, and timely placement of, key individuals. It is without question the methodology of choice for the identification and recruitment of high calibre professionals with specific skills.

The ability to make insightful decisions about people is themost enduring source of competitive advantage.Executive search concentrates on helping clients achieve this advantage through the identification, assessment and recruitment of the most talented business leaders.

Our executive search process will give you access to the broadest possible pool of candidates with the relevant skills. We target relevant companies and ascertain organisational structures, proactively identifying the most appropriately skilled individuals. We then approach and assess them directly, using competency-based interviewing models. Our consultants are passionate about ensuring that hired candidates make a positive impact that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our dedicated research team will handle the initial identification of potential candidates and make contact to discuss the opportunity in depth. Our researchers and consultants pinpoint high quality candidates and generate exceptional shortlists to meet our client’s specifications.

Our data management software system, “Libero”, was created to allow us to access our firm’s knowledge and expertise for the benefit of clients. We fully use and apply these tools in every assignment to assure quality and comprehensiveness. This adaptable project management capability ensures we can track the progress of all assignments from inception through to completion.