More than eight in 10 workers experience technology issues when presenting

15 March 2017

More than eight in 10 workers experience technology issues when presenting

Speech written, slides prepared, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! The key to a successful presentation is preparation. However, little can prepare you for the random glitches caused by unexpected technology problems.

In fact, 86% of workers have experienced technology issues. A survey, which supplies video projection technology, also revealed that more than half (53%) of employees believe having the right technology is just as important as the presenter to deliver a successful presentation.

When it comes to what makes a presentation successful, workers believe that a presentation with no technology issues is key. Three-fifths (62%) believe that this is almost as important as achieving the aim of the presentation.

A source said, which carried out the survey, “Delivering a good presentation is as much about the confidence and clarity of the presenter as it is about the technology you use to present working effectively.”

Over half (51%) said that their organisation’s technology sometimes fails, which can lead to an unsuccessful presentation and a similar number (53%) believed that, with better technology, this could lead to improved presentations.

“Small equipment changes can make a big difference to the impact of presenting and business outcomes.”

A presentation skills coach, commented: “The good news is that workplace technology is improving and employees both want and expect better equipment. I believe the next few years will see a dramatic decrease in the 86% of workers who experience technical problems while presenting.

“Wireless connection will undoubtedly play a big part in that, making for smoother, more impactful presentations, mainly because presenters can focus on their performance rather than technology-related issues.”